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by LaCruz Miller

Released 2017
One Shot Entertainment South Incorporated
Released 2017
One Shot Entertainment South Incorporated
LaCruz Miller redefines life through his prospective. ReImagine is an album based on the foundation of setting high standards for self and standing by what you believe in. LaCruz Miller believes that your life can only change when you have self change.
He is said to be a creative genius with a brilliant mind of his time. LaCruz Miller is an American recording artist from Louisiana also known as CRUZ. He is a songwriter, producer, and mixing and recording engineer and the founder of the American record label One Shot Entertainment South Incorporated. With over ten plus years in the music industry learning from trial and error along with some success as a young entrepreneur and recording artist, LaCruz has developed his talents and skills as a professional in the music business. With his dynamic delivery and style, he tends to draw in his listeners with his distinctive stories that are released to the world through his perspective and memories whether they be old or new, good or bad. "It Is What It Is" was the first single off LaCruz Miller's new album ReImagine released by One Shot Entertainment South Incorporated and published by one Shot Entertainment South Publishing. Welcome to the world of LaCruz Miller



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